Navigating Life Through The Akashic Realm

Created By : 17-Apr-2020 Written By: Holly


In 2015 I began to awaken to my soul journey. To the importance of clearing my blocks, fears, anxieties and phobias. To heal at a physical, emotional and mental level. To my Akashic records. To balance my past-life karma and re-write my story.

A new reality doesn’t appear until we believe in it

Created By : 13-Feb-2020 Written By: Holly
I’ve been moving too fast. My soul has been nudging me to stop & go within... so I took the day off to do exactly that. 
I love my solitude. I'm a deep feeler. Soul talker. I like to analyse, learn, grow & meditate.... a lot... It helps me to process my feelings & my pain. It has also brought to the surface an ability to tap into different dimensions, perspectives, timelines & lifetimes... I'm still learning to balance it all out, without flying off to a spiritual circus.


Created By : 04-Apr-2019 Written By: Holly

"Any outside force simply compliments the force already existent within."

What we believe at a 'subconscious' level, we attract in our conscious mind.


Created By : 19-Dec-2018 Written By: Rhys

I feel a real longing to write about intimacy from a Mens perspective. About the confusion of what actually drives us and our sexual desires..... about the control, the shame and disfunction many men hold...

There is darkness within ALL of us

Created By : 28-Nov-2018 Written By: Rhys

Written by: Rhys Uhlich

Instagram: @rhysuhlich


Created By : 09-Nov-2018 Written By: Claire

What is the truth about arguments? The truth in every confrontation lies in the current of energy that drives you to react in the first place.

Have you ever exploded emotionally at someone or had this done to you due to pent up emotions?