"Holly gave me so much valuable support and showed me the "WHY" and the lessons. Now I've really let it all go. Thanks Holly. You're so good at saying the right things. Keeping me on track!" - Tess Huxley, Februrary 2023, NSW, Australia



“Holly is AMAZING, empathetic and has a beautiful soul. I feel so comfortable during my sessions with Holly, which makes my journey along with its ups and downs that much easier to discuss. She helps me get a better understanding as to why I feel how I do at times. I trust her with my LIFE. Thank you Holly” - Mark Gusman - August 2022 - Geelong, Australia



Holly is a beautiful, compassionate and caring soul! I felt so cared for, acknowledged and safe in my session with Holly.  I had 100% confidence that what we spoke about would be just between us, and she helped me move through some deep emotions and pain in a beautifully loving way. Holly helped me connect more deeply to emotions beneath the surface that I wasn’t fully tapping into. She helped me process my experience and spoke through things with me in a super relatable way— while giving so much value and wisdom in the guidance she shared. I would highly recommend a session with Holly, especially if you need a friend, some support or loving guidance for what you are going through. Thank you Holly!” - Sophie Johnson - August 2022 - Sydney, Australia.



"Holly - you truly are a beautiful soul of giving me so much support. I've absolutely loved every session with you + being a part of my journey. I'm so thankful + grateful to understand the knowledge to reconnect with my true higher self, bringing me into awareness + going within + that's the most special magic on this earth. I'm just so grateful. You are a beautiful person that brings people to shine + be the best + true version within themselves. I look forward to sessions in the New Year with you." - Sarah Shaw. - December 2021 - Melbourne, Australia.



" Holly I love your work so much. Usually I get freezing cold with energy healings, but with you I get boiling hot + then have heaps of energy. It was so amazing what came up for me during the distant reiki session + also how you summaraized what you picked up.  Thank you so much for your help - with your energy healings + counselling sessions." - Emily Ried - December 2021 - Gaza.



" Holly is one of the most beautiful and kind-hearted persons I've ever met in my life.  As I'm sure everyone who knows her is well aware, she's got countless people-healing skills. The most impressive trait of Holly's is her ability to be so open-minded, supportive and empathetic, even when you might feel as though you have hit rock-bottom. I have been in that situation, and the techniques that Holly taught me to be more kind to myself and help me get back on my feet, were and still are so effective, as I still use them to this day. I value my relationship with Holly so highly. My message to anyone seeking help is to get a hold of Holly as soon as possible. Getting to know her and listening to what she's got to offer are some of the best life decisions you will ever make " - Christian Leggas - September, 2021 - Melbourne, Australia.



" Holly is an amazing healer and I would highly recommended investing in some therapies with her. We recently did Hahnemann Emotional Healing and the results were pretty incredible, after four sessions I had made some very amazing progress. No matter what your understanding or beliefs around alternative therapies are, Holly is transparent, understanding and extremely patient with you. A very gifted person! " - Chris Dimattina - May, 2020 - Melbourne, Australia.



" I received a Pellowah healing from Holly and it was a beautiful experience, very gentle, straight forward and efficient, the effects lasted for a while. Thanks lots ! "  - Aude Rosita Bernard - April, 2020 - France 



"I recently had a Pellowah session with Holly, and it was wonderful! After the session I felt much lighter and overall a lot more positive. One thing she mentioned to me, was she kept clearing a lot of stuff around my ears which she found to be worth mentioning. I used to get ear infections so bad when I was a kid that my ear drums actually ruptured, and I don't hear as well as I should. I thought it was so interesting she picked up on that! Not only is Holly a talented healer, but she's also a very kind person. Thank you so much, I can't wait for my next session! " - Peri Rose - May, 2020 - USA



" To my gorgeous Holly. You are such an authentic ray of light. I recently had the priviledge of experiencing a pellowah session, which started to take full affect when I was IN the session - I couldnt' believe it! She manifested such a positive impact towards my mindset, on how I perceive my outloook on life that has finally set me up on my own path, that has me embracing absolutely everything that lights up my soul while being me!  Everything about you Hol is truly captivating. I couldnt be more drawn to your authenticity and infectious, kind-hearted personality that always lights up the room , which is just one factor that compliments your wordly and life adventures. Thank you Hol for being your beautiful self. " - Kelly McCartten - May 2020 - Melbourne, Australia.